Sr. Eileen Groogan Memorial Scholarship
This renewable scholarship promotes collegiate education for Collier High School graduating seniors or residents of Collier Group Home.  It is awarded on the basis of academic merit and/or economic need.

Sr. Carol Beairsto Postgraduate Assistance Fund
This fund assists former graduates of Collier High School, age 21 or older, in pursuing higher education or specialized training which will further one’s job readiness or advancement. This scholarship is targeted to graduates who had not qualified for other funding and whose postgraduate studies had been postponed due to financial or personal hardship.

Howard M. Schoor Humanitarian Fund
The Howard M. Schoor Humanitarian Fund was established in 1998 to assist children and families in any of the Collier programs who may have a compelling need not addressed by other resources.

Eugene and Florence Croddick Humanitarian Fund
This fund was established in 2002, in memory of Eugene F. Croddick, and later renamed to honor the memory of his wife, to assist children and families in any of the Collier programs who may have a compelling need not addressed by other resources.

PFC Grad to Grad Scholarship
Established in 2001 by a former student, this scholarship honors graduating seniors who have displayed perseverance and resiliency and need financial assistance to continue their education. This single-gift scholarship is awarded to a student who will attend a technical,vocational or two-year college.

Beverly Barrett PTO Scholarship Award
This award is given to a senior student who shows a care and concern for others. He or she is well-liked by peers and adults, is cheerful, possesses a good sense of humor, and demonstrates positive involvement in school, community and workplace.

Stan Rubin PTO Service Learning Scholarship
The scholarship is awarded to a senior who has demonstrated a commitment of at least 100 hours of service. Types of service could include service learning activities with school community, civic or religious organizations; and individual efforts to help others and improve the local community. 

Collier PTO Scholarship Award
This award recognizes students who have made outstanding efforts to reach the goals which they had set for themselves at Collier High School and to assist them in realizing their post high school goals.

Ryan Boddie Healthcare Scholarship
Established in May of 2008, this Scholarship provides financial support for students who plan to pursue a career in the field of healthcare.

Kateri Day Camp Campership Fund
This fund provides a free day camp experience for impoverished, at-risk children from Monmouth County. 

Project ECO
Scholarships provide six weeks of summer special education,recreation and counseling for children with complex special needs who would lose academic ground without an extended school year program.

Scholarships provide incentive-based, summer Job Experience and Training for at-risk teens.

EIN: 21-0635038