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About Caramore

Collier Youth Services is—quite literally—branching out our service line with the addition of Caramore Farm, a community supported agriculture (CSA) program that brings families and friends together over natural, locally grown food while using the environment as a teaching tool for children. As one of only three CSAs in Monmouth County, we’re extremely excited about our inaugural crop in this groundbreaking place of learning, healing, and connection.

At Caramore Farm, our students and residents will have the opportunity to learn where their food comes from, how food gets from the ground to the plate, the amount of care it takes to grow fresh vegetables and fruits, and the business of farming. Students of Collier High School’s culinary arts program will also reap the rewards of our new farm, where they’ll have access to ingredients for school lunches that are grown right in their backyard, directly participating in the farm-to-table movement. And we’re even enlisting the help of students in our building trades program, to build planters for growing seedlings in our greenhouse during the winter.

Caramore Farm manager Kristin Hock notes an additional fringe benefit: “Kids are more likely to eat their vegetables when they help in the growing process. So not only will we be growing delicious food, but we will be growing healthy kids too! And kids who eat healthy are known to excel in school. Having a farm on the property is a win-win for all.”

Yet another highlight of Caramore Farm is that it offers a serene setting for our social workers to take our kids to help get their minds off their problems. Being outside, getting their hands dirty, helping nurture life…the cathartic release of it all will be of invaluable help to our students as well.

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