Ms. Murphy and Her Marble-ous Class

Ms. Murphy and Her Marble-ous Class
Posted on 03/23/2016
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Ms. Murphy and 3 of her science classes were learning about displacement, and what better way to learn than by building your very marble course! Students paired up and worked together to create a course built out of foam, paper towel, and toilet paper tubes. Marble courses twisted around desks, up walls, and over cabinets—the only place there wasn’t tubing was Willow’s cage!

“Active learning is a great way for our students to absorb and retain the information they are taught in class. Students are engaged in a fun, interactive activity where they need to use what they have learned to solve a problem. And by participating in a real-life situation gives students a better chance at remembering how they came to their conclusion rather than through auditory or visual learning styles.”

Once students had their course set up, they placed a marble at the start and waited patiently until it hit the end. Cheers could be heard if it worked, but those that got stuck, got right back to work at troubleshooting what went wrong. Once all the kinks were worked out, students took yarn to measure the length of their track and recorded the actual distance and then calculated their marble’s displacement from start to finish. Fun, and learning, was had by all!